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Quality assurance

In an age where systems and applications are becoming complex but essential, software testing is a necessity and it's certainly not the 'less privileged' sibling of software development that it used to be, not any more. With growing population of software applications-cum-systems being utilized in ever increasing numbers to support and sustain critical, real-time business functions 24x7 across industries like banking, manufacturing, retail, and what not, a piece of written software is as good as a manner in which it's tested. Software testing is that 'last piece' of code that will ultimately help decide how well your software product, application or system meet its development objectives. With our experienced, certified QA professionals, we provide independent software testing services, enable enterprises to improve the quality of their software product, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), minimize business risks and meet industry standards and compliance needs.

Key Differentiators:

  •   Large pool of trained, certified and experienced testers
  •   KPI (Key performance indicator) based project metrics which provide integrated tracking and compliance with industry standards
  •   Large repository of domain based test artifacts to facilitate reuse and accelerate time–to-market
  •   Specialized point solutions for industry vertical /domain specific requirements
  •   Ad server, Digital and Mobile advertising
  •   Global alliance and partnership with the best in the field
  •   Expertise in testing and automating products and custom applications based on Waterfall & Agile development methodologies.
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